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Add a Logo to an Email Invite Message

If you are sending out an email invite and you would like to include a logo in the message, you can do so within email campaign messages.

Go to the Share tab and edit or create an email campaign. If you previously created an Email Campaign, you can access the campaign via the Source Tracking section at the bottom of the Share tab. Click on the campaign name to re-access it.

On the Campaign Designer step, edit your invite message. You can do so by clicking the message title or the Edit Message link.

Click into the message body and place your cursor where you wish to add your logo/image. Next, click the Insert Image button in the editor toolbar. This will trigger the Insert Image dialogue box.

To get a copy of your organizations image url follow these steps:

Go to Google Images or another web browser
Find the picture for which you want to get the address
Make sure you're viewing the original version of the image
Right-click the image
Select the "Copy Image Address" option
Paste the image URL
Click Insert Image

Your image will be inserted wherever your cursor was placed within your message. You can adjust the size of your image by clicking on the image and then drag your mouse to enlarge or minimize. Click Save Message when you are finished.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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