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Create a Survey

Start by clicking the Create New button on your Survey homepage. Give your new survey a name and click Start Building.

A new survey will always start with two pages, an initial page, called Page 1, and a Thank You Page. You can add questions to a survey page. You can also add pages by clicking Add Page between any two pages in your survey.

Start adding questions for your survey respondents by clicking Question or Library Item from TalentMap's question library at the bottom of the page.

Upon creation, you'll be able to choose the question type and enter the question to ask.

Next, add answer options for your respondents to select. You can enter your answer options one by one or copy and paste from word, excel, google doc etc. This is also where you can require an answer to the question.

Click Save Question to add it to the survey

Continue building your survey by adding new pages and questions.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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