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Entry Survey Email Template

Email Subject: “<INSERT ORGANIZATION NAME> Entry Survey

In order to drive continuous improvement with <company>’s hiring and onboarding programs, we would like to get your input on your experience joining <company>. To do this, we are inviting you to complete this Entry survey. This survey consists of <two> parts. This first part will ask you questions about your experience joining the company and the orientation/induction and training – for example, what training have you received and how helpful was it? The first part of the survey should take about 20 minutes to complete.

The second part will be emailed to you after you have been with <organization> for <x> months. Each survey is geared to getting your input on various programs during your onboarding and will take approximately the same amount of time to complete as the first one.

What will happen with my responses?

TalentMap will directly receive and compile the data and report back to <company> on only aggregate results. TalentMap will not drill down on any responses within the demographics profile unless there are at least 6 responses in that group. Aggregated reports, from data provided by you and others who have joined the company, are used to improve hiring and onboarding programs and the work environment at <organization>.

Privacy, Confidentiality and Anonymity

TalentMap's contract with <company> stipulates that TalentMap will not reveal individual results or identities. At no time during or after the survey will individual responses be divulged to anyone at <organization> or any other third party. To find out more about the confidentiality of your responses,

Please view TalentMap's privacy statement at or email

Also TalentMap, as a survey research organization, is a member of the Insights Association. As a member, TalentMap is bound by a code of ethics to protect survey research respondent privacy and personal information. Find out more about the Insights association code of ethics at

To go to the survey site, simply click on your unique hot link below and follow the instructions at the TalentMap website. This link is your UNIQUE LINK and should only be accessed by you. For your own confidentiality and anonymity, please do not forward this link to others.


After you complete and submit your survey you will not be able to re-use this link. Please complete this survey at your earliest convenience. We thank you in advance for your participation and feedback.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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