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How do I change Date of Birth and Length of Service to ranges in Excel?

When creating or making changes to your Participant Information File, it is important NOT to upload columns that provide identifiable information as the data will not work for reporting due to TalentMap's confidentiality threshold.

If your file has fields such as Birth Date (Age) or Hire Date you can adjust the data to a range in Excel by following these steps:

Create three extra columns

Inset today's date into the second column

Now you will insert the following formula into Column 3 called Actual Age:
Where E2= Date of Birth
F2 = Today’s Date
1 = the fraction argument. Read more about the options HERE

Now you can create the Age Range

Use the formula =LOOKUP(G2,{0,"20 and Under";20,"20 and Under";21,"21-25";26,"26-30";31,"31-35";36,"36-40";41,"41-50";51,"51-55";56,"56 and Over"})
Where G2 is equal to the actual age.
Start with zero and move your way up. Make sure that this is the breakdown that you want.
Spot check your age ranges to make sure that they make sense.

Note: The below formula will work for Length of Service:

=LOOKUP(L2,{0,"Under 1 year";1,"1-3 years";3,"3-5 years";5,"5-10 years";10,"10-20 years";20,"20+"})

When you are done. Save your csv without any of the formulas. You can do this by copying the columns and repasting them as values only.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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