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How to a Add Key Driver Slide to a Snapshot Export

Key Driver Analysis is a powerful way to derive business value from your employee survey data. It helps you target improvement efforts to get the 'biggest bang for your buck’ by identifying the key leverage points for improving the engagement within your organization.

When creating key driver slides for the organization or for individual leaders, we strongly suggest focusing on the dimensions of your survey that have true outcomes. Within TalentMap's standard engagement survey there are three primary outcomes.

Organizational Engagement (2022 survey and beyond) or Engagement (2021 Survey and older)
Team Engagement (Only available in the 2022 survey template)
Intend to Stay (Item phrased: How likely are you to accept a position with another employer within the next 12 months?)

You do not have to use all three of these measures, and in many cases Organizational Engagement / Engagement will suffice when prioritizing actions to drive change. We recommend speaking with your Consultant on best outcomes to measure before producing reports for staff.

Add Key Driver Slide to A Snapshot Export

Click Reports then Snapshot. Choose the survey you wish to run reports for, then click Export. Note: You may apply filters to generate key driver slides for a specific sub-group (ex. you wish to see departments within a Division). Also note, when running filters, the minimum number of respondents required to run key driver analysis is 30.

Scroll to the bottom of the window, then use the dropdown list to select a survey dimension or item. Note: Click the dimension text to add the overall dimension scores or select an individual item. When adding an item, click the arrow next to the dimension text to show the items within that dimension.

Click the + button again to add multiple key driver outcomes. Use the column label to update the title that will appear in the export.

Delete individual selections by clicking the garbage can, or click Clear All in the top right of the window to clear all selections.

When creating the key driver slide shown above, additional slides to help understand the report and dimension correlations per key driver will automatically be generated automatically.

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Updated on: 06/06/2024

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