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How to Add a New User to Compass?

If you would like to add members of your team or leaders to Compass to view reports, please follow the steps below. Note: This feature is only available to Admin licensed users.

Click on Admin > Users > Add User

Enter the persons Full Name (First/Last) and email address.

Can View Comments

Check the box if you would like that person to be able to see verbatim comments.

Can View All Organization Report Data

If Checked - User will be able to see all surveys and reports (Report Viewer - Ideal for members of HR)
If Unchecked - User will only be able to see their area of responsibility (Restricted Report Viewer - Ideal for Leaders and Managers)

Remove Filter Similarity Warning

If Checked - Removes an algorithm that protects confidentiality that can sometimes affect the ability to filter within small demographic groupings. Survey confidentiality threshold for responses (typically set to 5) will still apply.

Click Save. An email invite will be sent to the user to verify their account.

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Updated on: 06/06/2024

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