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How to Add Lookdown Slides to a Snapshot Export

Exporting lookdown report slides allow you to compare sub-groups (ex. Division) to the Overall Score for a Dimension or Item (ex. Organizational Engagement). Bargraphs are placed in order from highest favourable to lowest and will include the previous period comparison if enabled.

To add a lookdown slide(s) to your Snapshot Report export, follow these steps.

Click on Reports then Snapshot. Choose the survey you wish to run reports for, then click Export. Note: You may apply filters to generate lookdown slides for a specific sub-group (ex. you wish to see Engagement scores for departments within a Division).

Use the dropdown lists to select both a Demographic and Survey Dimension or Item. Note: Click the dimension text to add the overall dimension scores or select an individual item. When adding an item, click the arrow next to the dimension text to show the items within that dimension.

Click the + button again to add multiple lookdown slides. These slides will be exported in the order that you create them on the webpage.

Delete individual selections by clicking the garbage can, or click Clear All in the top right of the window to clear all selections.

Note: The export window will save your selections so that you can apply new filters and quickly run reports with the same lookdowns. These slides are placed above the Overall Dimension Scores slide(s) in the order they are created.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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