How to Ask Comment Questions

Sifting through mountains of employee feedback to find actionable insights can be overwhelming. TalentMap's Ask feature allows you to directly ask questions about your employee comments, using natural language.

With question and answer insights, you can:

Identify and address the root causes of employee turnover
Develop targeted initiatives to improve engagement within specific teams or demographics
Make informed decisions about your workforce, based on real employee feedback

Please note: This feature requires the use of AI. Please let your TalentMap Project Manager know if you would AI enabled for your Organization. Only users with permission to see comments will have access to comment meaning.

Question Framing

Before using this tool, think of some questions you would like to ask or have received from other members in the organization. It is important to understand that the more detailed the question, the better the answer. Here are some question examples to help get you thinking.

Is senior management doing a good job at accomplishing goals through employee trust and confidence?
Summarize and give examples of comments related to how leaders prevent, manage, and resolve “people problems” and interpersonal conflict.
Summarize and give examples of comments that describe how the organization hinders the performance of direct managers.
Provide a summary and examples of comments that mention problems that cannot be corrected at lower levels of management but rather require the senior executives to lead improvements.
From the comments provided, what are actions or situations that make employees feel that it is not safe to speak up, offer suggestions, or provide an alternative point of view?
Does the organization do a good job at empowering managers or supervisors to do their job well?
What are the top 3 most important issues that senior management should address to help with employee retention?
Which comments are considered most concerning and should be acted on immediately to improve our customer experience?

How to Ask Questions

Reports > Comments, then click on the Ask tab. At the bottom right, type your question and press enter. Ask questions within All Comments or switch to a single dimension to filter answer within a dimension.

You can continue to ask questions and treat the thread as a conversation, or click clear to start a new conversation. Copy and paste your conversation at any time into your document of choice. Export is not currently supported at this time.

You can also filter by demographics to provide even more targeted insights. When switching between different demographic filters all previous conversations are saved.

If you apply a word in the search bar, it only highlight words that appear in the Ask section and does not filter out comments.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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