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How to Filter by Dimension Score

Filtering responses by dimension score allows you to analyze data within any report type by looking at responses within a certain threshold score.

When setting up the dimension score threshold in the filter window, consider a standard 5 point scale for the overall dimension score.

1 - 2.74 = unfavourable responses
2.75 - 3.25 = neutral responses
3.26 - 5 = favourable responses

In this example, we will filter comments to show only responses that have an unfavourable view of Organizational Engagement. To create this type of report, please follow these steps:

Reports > Comments.

Filters > select Dimension Score in the dropdown list

Select Organizational Engagement as the dimension

Enter a threshold Greater than 1 & Less than 2.99 (this example will remove all responses who have a neutral to favourable view of Organizational Engagement)

Click OK

The filter will display on the comments report page and can be used when looking at snapshot, heatmap and correlation reports. Click Export to create a report with only the filtered comments.

Note: if you have enabled "Show dimension score" within Comment Settings, you will see coloured dots next to each comment. Hover over a dot to show the responses dimension score. To learn more about enabling dimension score within comment reports, please see the article below.

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Updated on: 06/06/2024

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