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How to Filter Reports

Filtering data within reports allows you to drill down and explore specific cuts of data. Users can filter data in four ways:

Demographic - Data that is created from the column headers in a Participant Information File sent via an email campaign.
Survey Items - Questions that are asked within the survey.
Dimension Score - Groups respondents scores within a specific dimension.
Date - Filter responses based on a Start and End date. This option is typically used for surveys that run over an extended period of time such as onboarding or exit surveys.

To run a filter, follow these steps:

From the Compass dashboard, click Reports, then Snapshot.

Select a survey from the survey dropdown in the top left.

Click Filters in the top right corner. Available data will be displayed in the center column where you can choose between Demographic, Survey Item, Dimension Score and Date. Once a field is selected, you will see the available filter options in the right column. Check the boxes for data you would like to filter, then click OK.

Note: you can select multiple filters by clicking the Plus button.

Once applied, filters will be displayed and the total responses will update to reflect the filtered results.

Click the X on a filter tag to remove the filter and refresh the results.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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