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How To Share A Translated Survey

All web links, by default, automatically detect the language of the respondent's browser and if a translated version matching that language is detected, it will display the translated survey in that language.

The Language Bar Survey Toolbar is the recommended method for sharing surveys as it works best with Email Campaigns.

The Language Bar lets respondents choose which translated version of the survey they want to see. This tool is very handy when you have multiple languages and you want to ensure that everyone has the option to take your survey in their preferred language.

Set Up the Language Bar to Allow Respondents to Select a Language

Within your survey go to Tools > Response Settings.
Select the checkbox to Show a toolbar that contains Save and Continue, Language and Contrast options.
Next, select Language. You can position the toolbar on the top or bottom of the page and fix the position on the page if you wish.
Save Settings (check out your link so you can see the Language Bar in action)

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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