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How To Translate Your Survey?

Go to Tools > Text & Translations and click Add Translation once you land on the Text & Translations page.

Choose the language you want to create a translation for from the dropdown menu. If you choose a right-to-left language, the system will automatically format your text as needed.

(OPTIONAL) If you have already translated standard messaging in a different survey, you can select the option to '**Copy standard messaging for this language from an existing project**' and a search box will appear. Type in the name or ID of the survey with the translated elements and click Add Language. Now all your standard messaging will have copied over, saving you tedious data entry time!

Now it's time to translate. Each tab contains different sections of survey text to translate:

General: Page and Question Titles, Page and Question Descriptions and Answer Options.
Messages: Button text, Theme Messages, Error Messages, Disqualify Messages, and Screen Reader Messages
Toolbar: Save & Continue, Language Bar, and Low Vision Mode

Important! If in any field, you do not specify a translation for a given language, the survey will display the text from the default language to your respondents!

Click Edit next to the question to input your translation. Once you are done with the question, click Save. Don't forget to also translate page names (if you are displaying them)

Formatted Text in Survey Translations

You have the ability to format text using an HTML editor. You can, for example, increase the font size, add a bulleted list or inserted link breaks. If you have used this to format your text in default language version of your survey, you will likely want to preserve this formatting in the translated versions of the survey.

This can be achieved using the Text & Translations tool as well as with the export/import translation tool.

Once you have selected this option you will have the editor toolbar available to format the text of your translations as well.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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