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How to Update Scales within Survey Items

The Scale feature allows you to change how the survey response data is displayed when looking at reports. Changes that you can make include:

Removing a question(s) from reports
Removing a custom question score from the overall dimension score
Hiding potentially sensitive questions from Restricted Report Viewers
Changing a scale to show as nominal data, and
Inverting a scale

To access the survey scale option, please follow these steps:

From the Compass dashboard, click Admin then Results.
Please Note: the Admin option is only available to your organizations Compass administrator(s).

Click on the title of the survey you would like to make changes to.


Click Survey Items in the left column.

Under Default Scales, you can change the scale type for all questions using the same scale within the questionnaire.

To make changes to an individual item, click on the question within a dimension. To change the reporting options, choose one of the radio button option and/or checkbox. To change the scale click Override Default and update the scale using the dropdown list.

When making a change from the default setting, a flag will appear to the right of a Scale or Item. Changes will be automatically updated for reporting.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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