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How to Use Comment Reports

To become familiar with Comment Reports and export to PDF, please follow these steps. Note: Comments are ONLY available to users who have been given access by a Site Admin user. To see if a user has access to comments, click Admin, Users, the users name, then you will see whether "Can view comments" has been selected or not.

Comments Page

From the Compass Dashboard, click Reports then Comments.

Select a survey from the Survey Dropdown in the top left.

Comments are sorted by default to display the the highest to lowest number of comments within a dimension. Click through the dimension headers from the survey to show comments that were made for each section. When clicking on a Dimension, the number of comments in the right column will update to reflect the number of comments per section. Click the expand collapse icons to show the comment item titles. Click the sort arrows to sort by Dimension or Comment Count.

Word Cloud

Word cloud displays the top 50 most commonly used words from the surveys comments. The word cloud will adjust the most commonly used words when clicking through all comments, or dimensions or items.

Hover over a word to see how many comments are associated with the word.

Click on a word to add it to the search bar and filter comments that only use the word. You will notice that the word cloud updates to show words associated with the selected word. Dimension and comment counts also update to show where the word is used per dimension. Click x in the search bar to remove the word and reset the number of comments displayed.

Search and / or Filter Comments

To search for a specific word, click the Search bar then enter a search value. The total comments and comments per dimension will update based on your criteria.

To filter by demographic groups or survey items, click Filters in top right corner. Available data will be displayed in the center column where you can choose between Demographic, Survey Item, Dimension Score and Date. Once a field is selected, you will see the available filter options in the right column. Check the boxes for data you would like to filter, then click OK.

You may combine both a filter and search term to isolate specific comments.

Export Comments to PDF

When exporting comments, you may choose All Comments or an individual dimension from the table above word cloud. Click Export in the top right corner. Enter a title for the file. Filter or search criteria will be displayed on the first page of the PDF.

The first page of the export displays a table of contents. Click on a dimension title to jump to the comments within that dimension.

Click table of contents in the footer of a page to go back to the table of contents.

Convert PDF to Word: TalentMap downloads to PDF to keep comments in their raw form. If you need to convert a PDF to Word doc, please use this link How to Convert a PDF to Word or Open the PDF > Click File > Open With > Word

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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