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How to Use Correlation Reports

Correlation report data provides valuable insight into which items (questions) in your survey have the strongest impact on a particular dimension (ie. Organizational or Team Engagement). When looking at the correlation data, the darker the colour of the cell, the stronger the correlation. This allows you to prioritize which items in the survey when reading comment reports or when considering action plans.

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To become familiar with correlations setup and data export to Excel, please follow these steps:

From the Compass dashboard, click Reports then Correlations.

Select a survey from the Survey Dropdown near the top right of the page.

The correlations will show the dimensions within the survey and how strongly each dimension correlates to one another. Click the dropdown arrow next to a dimensions title to show the item level correlations or click the Expand All icon to show all Item level correlations.

Click Filters in the top right of the page to view specific demographic groups. Note: Running a correlation report requires at least 30 or more responses no matter what your minimum reporting threshold is set to.

To download the correlations grid to Excel, click Export in the top right corner of the window. The Excel export will show the survey dimensions on the first sheet, items on the second sheet and dimensions and items on the third sheet.

To sort a dimension or item using Excel, highlight the column, then click Sort & Filter, Sort Largest to Smallest

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Updated on: 06/06/2024

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