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Invite Others to Help You Test

Using Comment Mode, you can collaborate with others to ensure that you are asking the questions you need to ask to get the data you need.

Invite Others to Test and Leave Comments

You can solicit comments from colleagues or others by sharing a test link to your survey. This link can be accessed via the Test tab of your survey. You can share this link with who you choose.

Invite by Email

If you choose to invite testers via email, copy and share the test link.
If you would like to allow your testers to leave comments, check the Allow testers to comment setting.

Leaving Comments

Comments can be left on the page or on individual questions.

Click the number icon associated with the question or page that you want to attach the comment to.

Enter your comment text, your name, and email address. Click Add Comment to submit the content.

Enable/View Comments

Follow the below steps to enable comment mode:

You can enable or view comments via a couple of different places:
On the Build tab, click the Preview link at the top of a survey page.
Click on the Test tab and click the New Test Response button within the Manually Test Your Survey.

To view comments within the survey Build tab. Go to View Settings in the upper-right corner and select Question Comments and click Apply.

Once enabled, comments will be visible at the top of each survey page.

As part of Preview/Test Mode, you can turn on comments by toggling the View Comments switch. To get to Preview/Test Mode click Preview on any page in your survey or go to the Test tab and click New Test Response.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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