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Performance Feedback - Utilize the Right Technology

Technology in performance management (and other areas of HR) can make a big difference in the process, implementation, cost and appraisal of the system. It can simplify evaluation, giving employees and managers more time to strategize and increase performance beyond things like the review.


To streamline HR processes and performance reviews that provides useful feedback to employees and managers for a more effective workforce.

What is Utilize the Right Technology?
Human Resource technology improves all aspects of employment within a business from recruitment to retirement of your employees. Usage of the “right” technology helps improve HR’s ability to use gathered data in a more efficient way. On the performance side, it can assist with a more effective process that provides actionable results to managers and employees.

How does Utilizing the Right Technology improve employee engagement and culture?
Increasing HR’s use of technology as a departmental process can be an effective tool for communication, and help build effective and engaged team members. Also HR can improve relations between itself and other departments by streamlining work. Finally, goals, performance and making everyone feel like they are part of the same team can all stem from tech processes that make reviews and monitoring of work more equitable.

What are the benefits?
Streamline processes that provide results
Greater opportunity for employee education and internal communications
Maintain, monitor and report on employee performance
Using data and analytics to measure progress or initiatives
Real time recognition

How do you Utilize the Right Technology in the workplace?
It starts with assessing needs and checking them against costs, time and proper implementation. Also, it is important to have communication and buy-in. HR, which can sometimes be viewed as a cost centre, needs to ensure everyone understands why streamlined technology will help employees.


Why You Should Utilize The Right Technology

Have an engagement/performance strategy already in place: Before you know the technology that will help processes, you should have strategies in place that you can use to understand your needs.

Use your corporate culture to determine the right tech strategy: Every workforce is different and will adapt differently to technology. Know you culture and select accordingly.

Select the tools wisely: Not all tools are needed for all processes. Sometimes the “old” ways work well. Analyze what you need and what you don’t need.

Recognize and solve adoption challenges: There will be problems with any new technology. It’s best to figure that out early and work with IT to integrate technology as easily as possible and with problems identified early.

Motivate employees to use some HR technology: HR technology will cross over to employees in terms of time management, performance etc. Encourage employees to adopt the technology early where applicable.

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Updated on: 12/24/2020

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