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Send an Email Campaign

An Email Campaign lets you send a unique link to each participant, so you will have the ability to track completion progress and send reminders to those who haven't completed the survey.

Additional benefits of email campaigns

Save and Continue - Because each survey link is unique, respondents will be able to return to their response to complete at a later time.

Duplicate Protection - By default, respondents who click their unique link a second time will return to the same response, thus preventing them from recording more than one.


1.Go to the Share tab within the survey. Click the Send via Email Campaign link, then create a title. The title will appear under Source Tracking.

Click the email campaign title. This will bring you to your newly created campaign. Click Edit Message to begin making your changes.

On the Message tab you can edit the From Name, the Reply To email address, Subject of your email, and the Message Body in the Campaign Designer. The default message is full of great tips, but for the most part we recommend using TalentMap's Communication Template.

The most important part of the message body is the survey link. By default, the survey link in the HTML message will be included. Please don't delete this link when creating your message.

The Email Footer (required for all messages) can also be customized. For instance, if you wish to hide the unsubscribe link, follow these steps:

Remove the text To unsubscribe, click below:
Remove the text Unsubscribe in the between the "" only
Click Save Message

The message and link will be hidden within subsequent reminder emails automatically.

Below your initial invite, you have an option to add reminder emails or a thank you message.

Test - We recommend sending a test of all of your messages to ensure proper formatting.

Send Campaign

Once all the above steps are complete, you are just about ready to send this email! Go to the Send Campaign step to get started.

Send Now
Once you're done testing and everything is good to go, Click the Send Now link under the Send Campaign step. This will bring up a pop-up for you to confirm. Check the number of contacts you are about to send to and click Send Invite Now if you are ready.

If you prefer to schedule your messages to go out at a later time, click the Not Scheduled link for each message. You can schedule the message to go on a specified date and time.

Please note: the scheduler is set to UTC time ex: 1:00PM UTC means your surveys will go out at 9:00AM EDT. To check you time zone please visit this Time Zone Converter

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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