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Style a Survey

The look and feel of your survey can be just as important as the questions you ask. To get started customizing your survey's look and feel, go the Style tab.

Click the Logo thumbnail to get started.
Next, click the box above Remove/Change Image.

To get a copy of your organizations image url follow these steps:

Go to Google Images or another web browser
Find the picture for which you want to get the address
Make sure you're viewing the original version of the image
Right-click the image
Select the "Copy Image Address" option
Paste the image URL
Click Insert Image

Use the Position and Size controls as needed.
Position can be set as Left (default), Center, and Right.
Use the Size slider to make the image larger (+) or smaller (-).

Step 2: Tweak Your Colors

The Background, Page, Header, Button/Accent and Text thumbnails can be used to take your survey theme to the next level using our various color and image options.

Customizing Colors
To get started customizing your colors, click on the thumbnail for the area of the survey you wish to modify, Background, Page, Header or Button/Accent.
You can choose from the color palette or use the color picker tools on the right to select a hue then adjust it with the darkness and transparency sliders.

Below the color picker, there are additional tools available to get your survey colors just right. If you have the exact HEX Code for the color you wish to use, you can paste it in the HEX Code field. You can also get colors from an image or website.

Step 3: Choose Fonts

To change the font of your survey, go to Style > Text > Header Text and/or Body Text.
Select a font, font size and click the bold button if you wish for your text to display as bold.

Click Text Options where you can show or hide Titles, Descriptions, Question Numbers, and Page Numbers.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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