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Teamwork - Project Management Tools

Even the best teams need good tools to work effectively. Project management tools can provide the overall picture team needs, assign tasks and responsibilities and establish accountability. Project management tools can add value to an organization and maximize deliverables.


To add value to existing team structures and maximize the goals, objectives and organizational structure for optimal results.

What are Project Management Tools?
Project management tools are aids (often software) to assist an individual or team to effectively organize work and manage projects and tasks. Project management tools are not always for “project managers” but can be used by an entire team to maximize their efforts and results.

How do Project Management Tools improve employee engagement and culture?
Because projects have so many moving parts with many individuals attached to them, project management tools provide clarity of tasks with assigned goals and deadlines. Employees have a better understanding of their own and other team member tasks and can work better together, as a result. By offering good time management along with deadlines/goals etc. project mangers are supporting team members and ultimately improving engagement along the way.

What are the benefits?
Greater understanding of tasks
Effective time management
Ability to have “whole picture” of project
Ability to assign and/or reassign tasks to appropriate team members
Create better environment to meet goals/targets
Organizes multiple tasks in one place
Centralizes team communication

How do you implement Project Management Tools in the workplace?
Before you can choose the right project management tools, project leaders need to understand the nature of the work, how many people are needed on the team and what the goals/deadlines are. Once that is established team leaders can request demonstrations of various software as well as get input from team members on what they can work with best. HR must be on board to support the use of the tools.


Implement Project Management Tools For Your Team

Create project: Understand the nature and scope of the project to ensure parameters needed for project management tools.

Get buy-in: Make sure you have buy-in from HR, CFO etc. to ensure what your budget is and how best to spend it.

Market assessment: Go out to market to see and test the various project management tools available. Be selective and ask questions. Inquire if a test period is an option for better assessments.

Procure tools and use them: Some teams are adverse to change and new technology. Ensure teams understand how the tools will help and that they have a basic understanding of how to use them as needed.

Reassess: At the end of a project (or even during) assess the value of the project management tool. Does it work for your needs? Can it be used better?

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Updated on: 12/24/2020

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