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What is a thank you page?

New surveys will always start with two pages, an initial page, called Page 1, and a Thank You Page.

You will notice that the Thank You Page has fewer options for adding new elements to the page. Most notably, you cannot add questions to the Thank You Page of the survey.

If you take a quick preview of the Thank You Page in your new survey, you will see that the Thank You Page has neither a Next or Back button. Data is collected in TalentMap surveys when the Next button at the bottom of the page is clicked. Because Thank You Pages are terminal pages, used by the TalentMap system to mark the response as complete, they are unable to collect data; hence, no questions or actions that collect data can be added to Thank You Pages.

Customize Your Thank You Page

Thank You Pages come with a default Text / Instructional element. If you wish you can edit this element. You can also add other elements to the Thank You Page.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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