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Why Is the font for some of my survey questions different?

You finish building out your survey and go to the Style tab to tweak your survey's look and feel and the font of some of your questions is different.

Here's why. When you copy and paste, particularly from Word, or another webpage, you're bringing along the formatting a.k.a. HTML. The survey builder is designed to read HTML, so it takes these formatting commands into account and overrides the text formatting settings from your survey's Style menu. These format changes can be things like:

Font Size
Underlining, Bolding, Italics
Text Color

How to fix this

Go to the Build tab and edit each of the questions with the problematic font. Click into the question text field and click the Full Mode button on the editor tool bar.

Then highlight the text with your mouse and click the Tx button on the editor toolbar to remove formatting.

Click Save Question

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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